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Wills & Probates

Something not many like to discuss or be reminded of, but an end arrives at everyone. To protect your family from more difficulty and confusion during their time of grieving, plan for the future with a will. The time to prepare is now, the future isn't promised. 


If a person passes without a will, they are said to have died "intestate". At this point, that individual's assets pass to the state who determine how and to whom the estate will be distributed. 

In addition to managing your estate, if you have any children under your care, the will will set up legal guardians for them. Leaving this to your family or the courts to determine may leave them in the hands of the wrong guardians. 


There are a variety of different trust types, simple or complex, serving various purposes. 

There are usually three parties involved: the trust maker, the trustee also known as the trust manager, and the trust beneficiary. These three parties can exist within one individual, or three different individuals can represent one or more parties.

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