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Business Law

Being entrepreneurial is a skill that requires strategy, discipline, and ambition. Whenever you choose to start up your business and need help dealing with the laws and legalities of small businesses, I'll be here. In the midst of managing accounts, employees, and day-to-day operations, there come many points where you might need a helping hand. And if there comes a point where it's the end of the era for your business and you need to tie up loose ends, I'll be here for that as well.

Entity Formation

Choosing the right entity to determine the level of control and liability can determine a lot in the ways of the future of your business. Additionally, it can determine your tax breaks and that means more or less income for you. 

Operating and Transactional Agreements

After you form your business, there are ongoing things that need to be managed. Transactional law applies in many, if not all things that are done in your business. While you may have agreements already set in place, sometimes terms need to be renegotiated. To protect yourself from possible lawsuits, I can help draft agreements. 

Contract Negotiating and Drafting

Contracts can be a very difficult, time-consuming, and confusing matter to discuss. To provide clarity, ensure fairness, and be communicative of what parties are contracting themselves to. A well-written contract will reduce future risks of liability, unnecessary disputes, and unintended legal violations.

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